Vietnam Industrial Minerals International Joint Stock Company – VMI - a reputable brand, is located on 7.5 hectares of vibrant Southern Industrial Zone in Yen Bai Province. We are proud to be one of the biggest manufacturers in the market of Calcium Carbonate powder and high-quality wall putty with the capacity of 300,000 tons and 100,000 tons per year respectively.  
Thanks to the exclusive supply source from the biggest white marble quarry in the Luc Yen region, our raw materials are at the highest quality in terms of whiteness and brightness. They are carefully selected at the quarry, then filtered again at the factory before being loaded into the crusher machine, ensuring the cleanliness, uniformity, and complete elimination of impurities. 

Our modern processing lines are fully controlled by a PLC system and operated by a team of high skilled operators. Processing lines and the  factory overall are monitored closely by camera system as well.

Our state-of-the art facility has been designed strategically dividing the production line into separate areas such as raw grinding, fine grinding, packaging and the warehouse area to ensure the best traffic movement and efficient operations of the whole factory. The processing line is synchronized with dust filtration and sound reduction systems to ensure staff’s safety as well as being environment friendly.

Our warehouse is neatly arranged and managed by up to date warehouse management software.

The rigid quality control process in VMI has been well received by many customers. From the beginning, we have invested in modern and quality equipment ensuring strict monitoring at all stages of production from raw materials to finished products with various samples and analysis implemented.

Our uncoated and coated calcium carbonate powder with Stearic acid has particle sizes that range from 8 microns to 45 microns, with whiteness above 98% and brightness above 96%. Not only do our products meet the growing demand of the domestic market, we also supply industries producing filler masterbatch, paints, paper, electric cables, rubber and PVC pipes ... as well as exporting to many regions around the world such as China, Southeast Asia, West Asia and the Middle East.  VMI is also exporting products to most fastidious markets like South Korea for toothpaste production.

In order to continue servicing our valuable customers, we have researched and developed successfully the high-quality putty both interior and exterior. VMI’s wall putty has been popular in civil and industrial projects.

Thanks to our high quality calcium carbonate powder and other imported high-quality raw materials, our wall putty are specially designed to create a flat, smooth surface, easy application, high adhesion, anti-cracking, enhanced waterproofing and environmentally friendly, user safety at a competitive pricing. 

VMI’s entire production and management processes strictly comply with the International Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2015 and the environmental management system ISO 14001: 2015. Our laboratory is certified ISO 17025: 2017 by the Office of Quality Control of Ministry of Science and Technology.

At VMI, our employees are our greatest assets and we are proud to provide everyone with a safe, green, clean, and equal opportunity environment so they can  develop.

With the Slogan of "adding value", VMI commits to provide the best quality products, the most satisfied customer service experiences at  a competitive price, ensuring additional value is provided to our customers.

ISO 2022
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